Member Application

The membership application process has been upgraded and can now be found at:

This is the link for the online membership application for potential inductees.  

Circle Officer Administration

Circle officers can log in and review the applications, accept members, and submit the membership certificate order at


Note: Circle Officers have been set up with a Circle Officer Login account to be able to access and approve the membership applications, and submit membership certificate orders to national headquarters online. Contact the national headquarters if you need circle officer login credentials.

New Members Added to MemberPlanet

Once new members have been approved at by the circle officer, they will be automatically added to MemberPlanet on a weekly basis. If you approved new members please allow a minimum of seven days for them to show in your MemberPlanet circle group. Once added you can begin communicating immediately, including sending information about payment of their new member fees.


We provide multiple channels to connect with us and receive the guidance and support you need for your circle.


Email us:

Set up a call: Set up a 15 min coaching session with one of our experts to put your circle on the getting started fast track

Support Website:  A great resource for step by step training tutorials on all our functionality