What should I do first?

    Check out our Getting Started docs in the support library for some guidance for new and returning groups.

Can I have multiple administrators on MemberPlanet?

    Yes, you can have unlimited admins or “group leaders” for your group, add or remove leaders at any time
    Find instructions here.

 How do I re-send invites to Members or Group Leaders/Admins?

    Find instructions here.

What is an “event” and how do I create an event page?

Events are micro websites for upcoming events. They are perfect for promoting events and boosting participation. Sell tickets/allow RSVPs directly on your event page for convenient signups.
    Learn how to create an event page here
    Learn more about managing events online here

How do I send a text message alerts?

    Use the Broadcast feature to send texts and quick emails. Learn how here

What is a donation site and how do I set one up?

Donation sites are micro websites for your fundraising causes. They feature information, photos, videos, a goal meter, live donor ticker and more. They are a great way to engage donors virally online.
    Learn how to create a donation site here
    Learn how to manage your donations and fund transfers here

How do I send quick email announcements?

    We suggest using the Broadcast feature to send quick emails to members (but not contacts). Learn how here

How do I send an email newsletter?

    Learn how to create a new email campaign here
    Learn how to manage email communication here

How do I create an online form?

    Learn how to create a registration form (with payment items) here
    Learn how to create a survey form here

 How do I create a communication list for certain subgroups of my list?

We suggest that you create separate distribution lists for each subgroup you would like to send out email communication to. Learn how to create a distribution listhere.

How do I save my newsletter/email campaign as a template?

    Once you’ve created an email you will see an option on the email admin page to save the email as a template.

My member is not getting my newsletters/email campaigns?

  •     Verify that the member is on the distribution list being used.
  •     Verify their email and/or mobile number for SMS is correct.
  •     If incorrect, have member log on to MemberPlanet to update their information.
  •     Check the latest tracking to see if their email/Text was delivered.
  •     If it was delivered, ask that member to check their spam folder.
  •     Ask member to save your address to their address book to ensure proper delivery in the future.

How can I have member information auto-populate to make it faster for members to fill out forms?
How do I link my custom fields to my payment forms and surveys?

  • Save members' time by auto-filling their basic information like name, address, phone number etc. Require this information for new members to enable this tool.
  • Activate this feature by linking these info fields with corresponding form fields at the time of form creation.
  • Simply check the box “pre-filled with member’s info” under the Field Options tab in the form editor.


How do I attach a thank you letter after members fill out a payment or survey form? 

  • You have two options for this: Simple Text or Email Campaign.
  • Simple text: Click "add a thank you message" on the More Options page when creating/editing the form
  • Learn how here.
  • Custom email campaign: (Advanced option) For this you’ll need to create your custom thank-you in the Email Campaign editor prior to adding it to your form.
  • Once you've built the email, link it to the form on the More Options page of the form.
  • Click "add a thank you message" on the More Options page when creating/editing the form and follow these steps

How do I merge fields from a payment or survey to a Thank You email campaign?

You can merge any form response right into your thank-you emails. This is great for sending receipt confirmations for registrations.

Step 1) Create your form. To make a field available to merge be sure to check “required” and “Answer should be available to insert into an email” under Field Options.

Step 2) Create your email campaign. Use the +Form Data button in the email campaign editor to select the exact form and field “answer” you want to appear.  The form must already be created and the fields must be enabled (“answer should be available to insert into an email”) in order to select those specific form fields.

Step 3) Return to your form editor. On the second to last step, you will have the option to select a custom email thank-you. Check the box “Send an email campaign as a thank-you when someone submits the form” and select the email campaign that you just created from the drop-down list.

How do I issue member a refund?

Here are instructions for issuing a refund.

What is a QuickPay request?

Group leaders of circles  can send payment invoices via email to members (but not contacts). These invoices can be optional or mandatory. The member will be able to click directly on the email to make their payments.
Learn how to create a QuickPay request here.

What is the cost for payments?

    Payment processing varies based on subscription type.
    Click Settings --> Pricing to view your pricing

How can I export form responses or reports?

Find an “export” option at the upper right on any reports. All data is exported in Excel format.

Can I change any form responses if someone makes a mistake?

You can change it when you export it as Excel spreadsheet.

If I no longer want to use the service how do I cancel?
Contact successteam@memberplanet.com

Need another question answered?

For more FAQ’s as it relates to MemberPlanet go to: https://support.memberplanet.com/hc/en-us/sections/200450484-FAQ-s

You can also send your question to support@memberplanet.com